We breed awesome breed standard Deerhounds.

A recognized Deerhound kennel in The Netherlands – Our lovely gentle giants are born and raised in a loving environment with affection, and respect for breed requirements to these athletes.

"I stand ardently behind the off-spring that my kennel produces."
Health Guarantee

As a matter of course every pup comes with necessary veterinary clinical health checks.

DNA Test

A DNA test of mother and father are always performed.

Breeder Support

It doesn’t matter the age of your Deerhound, you’ll always receive full support and advise from Iliboy Dëorhund Kennels.

On our way to creating champions

It is a long journey to reach the representation of the Deerhound that I want to achieve-my ideals linked to the global kennel club standards issued by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).